About Us

Our eldest son was born in February of 2010. He weighed in at 9lbs, 1oz and showed no signs of sliming down anytime soon. When he was still very young, the only shoes that fit him had hard soles and were made for older children. Not wanting to jam our boy’s foot into a rubber box, we decided to make our own. 

Some moms began taking notice and asked if I could make some for their children. More and more moms started asking for shoes and even offering to pay for them. With each pair, I modified my design until it was perfect.

While at the grocery store, my son was wearing a new pair that I had made out of an old pair of my husband’s brown jeans. A young girl noticed my son’s feet sticking out from his stroller and shouted “Look Mommy! Potatoes!” And PotatoFeet was born. 

These soft soled shoes offer plenty of wiggle room in the toe box for your child's foot to develop without restriction. And the elastic opening allows for flexibility so the shoe can grow with your child but also keeps the shoe from falling off.

All shoes are handmade in Los Angeles California.